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A family attorney is a lawyer who practices exclusively in family law. They are usually well-versed in domestic relations, with a background in law, social work, psychology and/or sociology.
Family attorneys specialize in matters such as divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support (alimony), and adoption. They may also be experts in the fields of property division or other aspects of family law. Legal representation is necessary for any of these matters.
Choosing a good attorney is essential in obtaining the outcome you want. A good attorney will fight for your rights and help get the best possible outcome in your situation. The lawyer's skill, experience and knowledge are what set him or her apart from other attorneys out there.
The best family attorney is one that you trust. The more transparent they are with their reviews, the better. They should also be willing to fight for your interests and have good communication with you.
Family attorneys get involved with mediation and arbitration of disputes between couples who are going through a divorce. Their job is to make sure that the process is as amicable as possible for you - their goal should be to complete your goals.